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We raise and sell purebred and percentage Limousin cattle as well as famous Limousin beef packaged for your freezer.
From our family to yours, please accept our invitation to join us in enjoying a tradition of great beef.


To Cherway Limousin

For over 40 years, we have built a quality herd by emphasizing efficient, easy keeping cattle that produce offspring with superior carcass quality. We know that the end product of a high yielding carcass is what drives the demand for quality replacement cattle. We occasionally purchase purebred females, but we have upgraded the herd through the constant use of carefully chosen purebred bulls.

Come in and look around. If you see something you like, please drop us a line or visit in person; the coffee is always on. Rest assured, we have a bull or replacement female – Red or Black – to complement your purebred or commercial herd.


Quality and Consistency

Our commitment to easy keeping cattle that excel in calving ease, performance, lifetime productivity and feed efficiency is evident in our herd bullpen. Over the years, our freezer beef customers have demanded a consistent, quality beef product with lots of muscle and tenderness. Their requests have been the driving force for developing and purchasing genetics that meet their needs. As well, our commitment to our replacement cattle clients – to provide functional, easy keeping cattle that can produce progeny with these characteristics – has not been forgotten.

For Sale

Purchase with Confidence

We are working to produce excellent Limousin cattle for commercial cattlemen and seed stock producers. We select traits that increase profitability: muscle, maternal, docility and calving ease by utilizing tools at our disposal: CLA genetic evaluation, DNA genetics testing, NALF and other breed related associations.

We try to stay on top of new developments in a rapidly developing Beef Industry. We try our best to pass the information on to our customers because our success depends on their success. We've built our purebred breeding program on a foundation of more than 40 years of experience in the cow/calf business, annually feeding out a percentage of our calf crop for the freezer beef trade. We know that the end product of a high-yielding carcass is what drives the demand for quality replacement cattle. Our beef customers expect a consistent quality beef product with lots of muscle and tenderness, and they have not found it anywhere else. We encourage our clients to explore the value added markets available to Limousin sired, lean, muscular calves.

Our bull production focuses on producing docile, functional bulls. Well-developed, not over fed, able to cover long distances to service a cow herd. The bulls we have retained and offer for sale as prospective herd sires come from families that have repeatedly topped performance in red meat yield with lower input costs. They are out of medium framed cows with tidy udders and sound structure that bring home a great calf year after year. They are sired by today’s Limousin breed leading sires. We have also been using a few of our select home-raised herd sires at 12 months of age on our yearling heifers, to produce some outstanding calves. The females kept back from these matings are awesome, and have deepened the quality of the herd.

Purchase with confidence. Semen tested and satisfaction guaranteed.


Easy Keeping

We believe in easy-keeping females that consistently produce premium beef year after year. The cows are medium framed females, with tidy udders and excellent feet. They are wrapped up in a quiet disposition, can go out and raise a great calf, and maintain their body condition on grass without the pampering. In essence, they are real cattle with real efficiency incorporated into their genetic makeup.

Take a look at some of our prominent cow families and see what the genetics that we have developed can do for your operation. If you are planning on increasing your herd size, we invite you to inquire about packages or individual Cherway Limousin females for sale.

Peace of Mind Beef

From Our Family to Your Family

It is with pride that we have offered Cherway Limousin beef to family and friends for over 40 years. The animals offered for freezer beef are never older than 18 months at harvest, never been implanted with growth promotants and are free of antibiotics during the feeding period.

Taking bookings for beef for spring of 2021, currently sold out of beef for 2020.

We are environmentally friendly, rotating our crops regularly and managing our animal waste products in a responsible manner. It is a family tradition to raise cattle with great grass, a wholesome grain ration protocol of oats, barley, corn, vitamins, and minerals. Our animal nutritionist develops the protocol and combines it with our own genetic choices to produce top quality beef with the perfect balance of flavour, tenderness, and nutrition. We raise our cattle with a strict health program and free of hormone growth implants. Proud to be a Manitoba Verified Beef Producer.

From our family to your family, please accept our invitation to join us in enjoying the tradition of great beef. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to offer you assistance in purchasing freezer beef for your family to enjoy.


Grass Fed Beef

We have had a few people ask us if we would make grass fed beef available. As a result, we have decided to offer this product. It will be available each fall as a limited expansion of our freezer beef program. The grass fed beef is from cattle that spend their first summer with their mother on pasture, wintered on forage and then free to roam and graze as they please the following summer.

Due to the time frame required to produce grass fed beef, these carcasses will be from cattle older than our regular freezer beef, but will be under 29 months of age. Studies have shown this lean product to be high in omega-3 and conjugate linoleic acid (CLA), two components that have been demonstrated to have significant benefits.

Grass fed beef must be booked in advance. Please contact us to place your order. Thank you for your interest in Cherway Limousin.


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